Centrally located Nanaimo is the premier gateway to Vancouver Island having excellent ferry and float plane connections from Vancouver and Victoria. Known as the Harbour City, Vancouver Island’;s second largest city boasts one of the longest shorelines in Canada providing panoramic ocean views against a wilderness backdrop. The 4km long habourfront with its many parks is a main attraction where you can take a short ferry ride to Gabrioala Island, famous for its arts and crafts or visit Newcastle Island Provincial Park.

In Nanaimo you can move easily from beaches and mountains to urban living making it an ideal base to explore other parts of Vancouver Island. For example depending on the season skiing or hiking in Mount Washington one day to playing golf the next to fishing or whale watching or simply enjoying the beautiful beaches, islands and nature reserves such as Strathcona National Park.

Insider Tip!

The Nanaimo bar, a non baked cookie bar, is a Canadian dessert named after Nanaimo and has been elected as \"Canada\'s Favourite Confection\". Be sure to try one, they are a real treat!

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Painted Turtle Guesthouse

Painted Turtle Guesthouse

If you are looking for the newest, freshest and funkiest accommodation in Nanaimo, then you’ve found it – the Painted … Continue reading Painted Turtle Guesthouse

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